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what does shibai mean?

\"Shibai\" is a Japanese word with varied definitions, but the meaning you\'re most likely looking for is the one that\'s woven its way into the local language via pidgin (Hawaii Creole English). A polite definition of \"shibai\" would be \"lies.\" A more nuanced definition would be \"B.S.\" The word \"shibai\" turns up most frequently in politics, if that helps any.

Some real-world examples of using \"shibai\" in local conversation come from the pages of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin:

\"Sometime after I came to Hawaii in 1968, I remember reading a speech by a politician who had announced that \'the days of shibai\' have ended. After learning what shibai meant, I felt comfortable knowing that here in America\'s newest state, political BS was not allowed. It was probably the last time I believed a politician\'s speech.\"


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