Technically, there are snakes in Hawaii, but for the most part it is not too out of line to claim that there aren’t.

Hawaii does have one native snake species, for example: the island blind snake, or Ramphotyphlops braminus. You’d most likely mistake it for a worm, however, and they are definitely not a major threat.

Otherwise, Hawaii and the federal government invest millions of dollars into fighting invasive species, including snakes, which could cause havoc in the islands. Key among the threats are the brown tree snake, which have decimated bird populations and other species in Guam.

Still, some snakes make it through the state’s defenses, some accidentally, and many intentionally — people smuggle snakes into Hawaii as exotic pets, and frequently release them into the wild.

Fortunately, no snake species has been able to gain a toehold in the islands… yet. If you spot a snake in Hawaii, call 911 or the Pest Hotline at 586-PEST (7378). Captive snakes may be surrendered under the state’s amnesty program.

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