The State of Hawaii has specified trusted partners for its domestic trans-Pacific and inter-county pre-travel testing program. The state will accept COVID-19 test results from these partners only to bypass the current 14-day quarantine requirement.


Domestic trans-Pacific travelers age five years and older arriving in the State of Hawaii may bypass the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine by taking a COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) from a trusted testing partner.

The test must be taken no more than 72 hours prior to final leg of departure, and a negative test result must be uploaded in the Safe Travels digital platform or presented upon arrival. If results are not received prior to arrival, the traveler will be required to self-quarantine until a negative test result is reported to the state Department of Health.

Trusted Partners (Domestic/U.S. Visitors):

  • American Family Care (AFC)
  • AFC Urgent Care Portland
  • American Samoa Department of Health
  • Atlas Genomics
  • Bartell Drugs
  • Capstone Clinic
  • Carbon Health
  • CityHealth Urgent Care at Oakland Airport
  • Clarity Lab Solutions
  • Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii
  • Color
  • Costco/AZOVA
  • CVS Health
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Services (Hawaii)
  • Discovery Health MD
  • Go Health Urgent Care
  • Hawaii Pacific Health
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Minit Medical
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii’s Consortium
  • S&G Labs Hawaii LLC
  • UC San Diego Health
  • University of Washington Medicine
  • Urgent Care Hawaii
  • Vault Health
  • Walgreens
  • WestPac Labs
  • XpresCheck

Last updated Nov. 14, 2020. Find the latest list here:

Trusted Partners (Japanese Visitors):

  • Center Hospital (Tokyo)
  • Clinic for Tamachi (Tokyo)
  • Clinic for Otemachi (Tokyo)
  • Fujita Health University Hospital (Aichi)
  • Fujita Health University Bantane Hospital (Aichi)
  • Fujita Health University Okazaki Medical Center (Aichi)
  • Kameda Kyobashi Clinic (Tokyo)
  • Kameda Medical Center (Chiba)
  • Karada Internal Medicine Clinic (Tokyo)
  • Loco Clinic (Tokyo)
  • Mita Kokusai Building Clinic (Tokyo)
  • National Center for Global Health and Medicine
  • Nishi-Shinbashi Clinic (Tokyo)
  • Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital (Osaka)
  • Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital (Hokkaido)
  • Shiba Kokusai Clinic (Tokyo)
  • Shonan Kamakura General Hospital (Kanagawa)
  • St. Luke’s International Hospital (Tokyo)
  • T Care Clinic Hamamatsucho (Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Medical University Hospital (Tokyo)
  • Travel Clinic Shin-Yokohama (Kanagawa)
  • Yamasaki Family Clinic (Hyogo)

Latest update October 27, 2020. Find the latest list here: