Case Details: “I left Hawaii four years ago. When I lived there, for 33 years, I always listened to KINE 105FM, and want to know whatever happened to Frank [B. Shaner]. He was on the morning show with Brickwood [Galuteria]. I now get KINE online but he is no longer there.”

Frank B. Shaner returned to morning radio in August 2005 at KUMU (94.7FM), after over a year off the air. But the sudden and unexplained absence that preceded it sparked quite a lot of concern.

Shaner — reknowned local deejay, Hawaiian falsetto booster and comedian — was pulled off the air at KINE 105FM without notice or explanation sometime in January 2004. With co-host Brickwood Galuteria suddenly flying solo, longtime listeners like you had the very same question: “Where’s Frankie?”

Officially, station vice president and general manager Mike Kelly said, “We’re restructuring the morning show… He wasn’t terminated for cause or didn’t do anything wrong.” But although Kelly said Shaner was still working for the station behind the scenes, his name was scrubbed from the station website, and little followed but silence. Four months later, Shaner was joking about being homeless, and says only, “I went on vacation and was told ‘don’t come back.'”

Station ratings did fall following his departure.

One fan built a website dedicated to unraveling the mystery. Bumper stickers and T-shirts featuring Shaner’s image and parodying missing persons posters were announced, but were later removed following legal threats from the station.

During his absence from radio, Shaner was said to be pursuing other interests, including painting, photography, real estate, and continuing to organize his wildly successful Hawaiian falsetto contest. He may even dabble in television. But he always said he was still interested in radio work, and after 25 years on the air, many people are glad to be able to hear him again.

In December 2011, his contract at KUMU was not renewed after seven years on the air. He told Hawaii News Now that he “will focus on his art for a while and continue to do comedy and MC work,” and that the best way to contact him is via his Facebook page.

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